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Dan Thurmond
By Dan Thurmond
Friday, February 28, 2014 - 18:09

In our post of the review of 2013, we mentioned that Elite Plastics recently acquired a new Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). The CMM is used to support quality assurance efforts for our injection molding projects that require high accuracy and close tolerances.

The new CMM machine offer both vision and touch probe capabilities which are used for quality assurance dimension data reporting. Our new CMM allows for manual measurements and is programmable to support gauge repeatability and reproducibility, GR&R, design of experience, DOE, capability, CP/Cpk data collection and first article inspection. The CMMA program capability allows Elite Plastics the ability to not only report accurate and close tolerance data, but also reduces the time for report data to assist in meeting today’s customer demands.

With a 18 x 24 x 12 area of measurement, the new CMM allows Elite Plastics to measure a wide range of small and large parts for the Aerospace, Automotive and Medical industries with a variety of part of figuration. The CMM capabilities also support the measurement where geometric dimensioning and tolerances, GD&T are applied based on design specifications and fixtures may be applied to support measurement repeatability.

We are very excited to offer this new testing ability to our customers! The new CMM machine paired with our injection molding capabilities assures our customers the high accuracy and quality measurement data report.