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Dan Thurmond
By Dan Thurmond
Monday, August 11, 2014 - 15:36


As a custom plastics manufacturer, Elite Plastics has injection and compression molding capabilities, in addition to machining, insert molding and plastic decorating. One of the greatest advantages of working with Elite Plastics is the unique ability to provide complete decorated plastic components. When all of our capabilities come together, a truly “value-added” part is created and can be seen through our collaboration with Anritsu for their handheld field testing units.

Anritsu manufactures measuring instruments for a wide range of communication technologies. Elite Plastics supplies Anritsu with the plastic housing and components for various configurations of their handheld systems, including their Spectrum Analyzer, Cable, and Antenna Analyzer.

The housing of these units is a clamshell-style injection molded plastic part that features various plastic decorating and assembly capabilities. Some of the more unique capabilities include thermally inserted brass components and vacuum shielding installed by Elite Plastics. A rubber keypad bezel was also supplied and assembled on the unit in addition to an overmolded turn dial button (in some models). The keypad bezel is molded clear plastic and spray painted to match the color of the housing.  For added durability and ruggedness, the housing also features overmolded bumpers on the sides or top and bottom of the unit in various colors (depending on the model). In addition, our San Jose division supplies a plastic nameplate for the units.

The plastic housing assemblies for Anritsu are a great example of Elite Plastics’ diverse decorating and molding capabilities, and demonstrate how technology and services can fulfill multiple manufacturing needs. The final assembly for Anritsu met all the technical and aesthetic needs, while also consolidating and simplifying the customer’s supply chain.