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Chris Passanante
By Chris Passanante
Friday, December 20, 2013 - 17:49

Last summer we announced the addition of our new plastic machining capabilities. We’ve always been able to offer some plastic machining work, but we created a dedicated machining area and added equipment. Plastic machining has been a growing need for our customers, so this fall we upgraded our plastic machining equipment to better serve our customers.

As we discussed in our blog last year plastic machining offers multiple benefits to customers. Whether an injection molded parts needs to be modified for another use or de-gated, plastic machining creates a lot of possibilities. Some of the benefits that plastic machining offers includes costs savings, prototyping, quality control, de-gating and fine trimming, taping holes and other tooling or machining.

Our new machine is a computer automated vertical machining center with some additional features to ensure the highest quality results. The biggest parts we can machine are 40 inches by 20 inches. To prevent any contamination and enforce our quality standards, the machine is kept free of all coolants. In addition, the new equipment features a high pressure air blast which help clear plastic chips and the cooling process.

Currently we serve customers in nearly every industry with ou machining capabilities. Depending on the plastic part, machining may be the process of choice. To learn more about plastic machining please contact us!