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Elise Harrington
By Elise Harrington
Monday, November 17, 2014 - 01:00

The automotive industry is one of many that we serve. Over the years we’ve provide a number of custom injection molded and compression molded parts for the automotive industry. This Fiat nameplate is a great example of the kind of distinctive nameplates that we can produce through our unique capabilities shared with GM Nameplate.

The one-of-a-kind nameplate is the result of two different capabilities – injection molded plastic and metal decorative trim. The injection-molded plastic part is pierced through the decorated red badge, with the Fiat logo extending out.

Elite Plastics’ connection with GM Nameplates can result in distinctive out-of the-box solutions for nearly any type of product and industry. This Fiat nameplate is a great example of the kind of nameplate Elite Plastics and GM Nameplate can create.

Chris Passanante
By Chris Passanante
Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 00:00

On a daily basis we interact with plastic parts and components. Whether we’re at home, at work, on an airplane or even in a hospital room. For many industries, plastics are the ideal material – they are light weight, durable, available in any size, shape, and color, and even reusable (in some forms). Typically, when manufacturing plastic parts and components injection or compression molding methods are used to fabricate the desired part. Elite Plastics is an expert injection and compression molder.

The injection molding process begins with plastics pellets. The pellets are put in a vacuum sealed dryer to remove all the moisture from the materials before they are molded. Moisture in the injection molding process can result in various functional and aesthetic defects.

Once the pellets are completely dry, they are put into a grinder and grounded finely. Next the grounded plastic is heated and melted to a molten state.  The molten plastic is then injected into the tooling and molded into the shape of the part, where it cools from liquid to solid form.

Once complete, injection molded parts are rigid. If needed, they have the ability to be ground and melted down to be molded into something else. Injection molded parts can also be decorated and fabricated further depending on the needs of the part. At Elite Plastics this can mean painting the part, over molding, machining, pad printing, and more. 

To learn more about injection molding and our plastics capabilities please visit our website. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog about the compression molding process and uses!

Cynthia Schulte
By Cynthia Schulte
Monday, January 14, 2013 - 16:37

GM Nameplate announced today that the company’s Oregon Division, Elite Plastics, has been added to The Boeing Company’s Qualified Processor List (QPL) for the injection molding of thermoplastic parts.

Elite Plastics joins a short list of companies that are approved to provide injection molded parts to Boeing and its suppliers. The announcement comes shortly after Elite Plastics met the requirements of AS9100C, the quality management system standard for the aerospace industry. 

Elite Plastics was audited and qualified for AS9100C on December 11, 2012, demonstrating that Elite Plastics has established and applies a quality management system for the manufacture of complex plastics and value added assemblies.  This step was necessary to qualify for the Boeing QPL.        

“Achieving the aerospace AS9100C certification requires a new level of process control for Elite Plastics,” said Dan Thurmond, Elite Plastics President. “This new level of control allows us to produce better molded, decorated and assembled components and drives a improved quality and cost controls. We pursued this certification as both a path for improving ourselves and extending our product offerings with Boeing and other aerospace customers.”

GM Nameplate is currently on the Boeing QPL for placards and markers and supplies the largest number of parts of any company serving Boeing. Adding injection molding helps expand GM Nameplate’s offerings, a natural progression considering the company’s heritage and success in the industry.  GM Nameplate has been serving aerospace customers since the 1950’s and continues to earn accolades in the field. Last year GM Nameplate was the first company to be honored as three-time recipient of the Supplier of the Year by the Boeing Company. In addition, GM Nameplate was named Aerospace Company of the Year by The Northwest Aerospace Alliance. 

“We were excited when Boeing told us that they valued the innovation they saw with GM Nameplate and wanted access to our injection molding capabilities,” said Carlo Mears, Vice President of GMN Aerospace, GM Nameplate’s aerospace group.  “The Boeing QPL now has a premier vertically integrated injection molding company in GM Nameplate.”      

Read AS9100C Certification Announced for Elite Plastics to learn more about the new certification.