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Edward Lafferty
By Edward Lafferty
Tuesday, February 9, 2016 - 10:20

Last year, Elite Plastics adopted a new employee training system known as Paulson Training. For the past year, every employee at Elite Plastics has used the program and it has now been implemented as one of the first steps of new hire job training.

The program has been very effective in helping employees understand basic safety on the molding floor, common manufacturing problems and how to overcome them. The Paulson Training has educated our employees with extensive industry specific vocabulary as well. Employees need to pass the training before they can operate machinery to produce parts and this is a good way to identify when people are ready to handle the equipment and begin production work. This training is very important because it has been found to lower product defects and boost overall quality which is a key standard at Elite Plastics.

There is a huge opportunity to grow with this program as the Elite Plastics business builds. The system has helped support the growth at Elite Plastics as more employees are hired and more shifts are added to production.