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Chris Passanante
By Chris Passanante
Thursday, October 20, 2011 - 11:22

Plastic top cover enclosure made using green iQ Valox materials. Working with recycled materials isn't just using regrind anymore.  We all know the pros and cons to using post molded regrind in the plastics world.  But recently our team at Elite got a chance to test the new iQ* Valox from Sabic. This material, to put it simply, is made from breaking down P.E.T. Water Bottles that are recycled.  The material is broken down to a molecular level and reformulated to create virgin base materials. (Pretty cool, huh?)  We tested this material head to head against a standard grade of Valox for an electric car charging station project with multiple sized parts.  The material processed well (practically the same) and the dimensional results and cosmetics we also a great match.

We're now using green materials to manufacture a green product in the marketplace.  Now that's really cool!

The photo is of the top cover enclosure made from IQ materials.

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