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Dan Thurmond
By Dan Thurmond
Tuesday, September 25, 2012 - 10:53

Gear shift injection molded and decorated by Elite PlasticsElite Plastics parts are in many cars that you see on the road every day.  For example, we were selected to supply the gear shift indicator (also known as a PRNDL) for a number of common car models. 

To make the part, resin is injection molded and then the part goes through an annealing process that relaxes the plastic. 

It is screen printed multiple times (for each color that will show through when backlit). The part is then spray painted black to help prevent light leaks before a final coat of silver metallic paint is added. 

This is a highly controlled process that involves careful testing and mixing of inks, close tolerances with screen printing, and intricate painting and laser etching to make this part successfully.  However, we finish with a fine completed part that many people use every day.