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Guest Blogger
By Guest Blogger
Monday, March 25, 2013 - 10:46


As an AS9100C certified manufacturer, Elite Plastics offers many products to the Aerospace industry. Elite Plastics was also recently added to the Boeing Qualified Processor List (QPL) for injection molding. This means that in addition to interior markings and placards, Elite Plastics and GMN Aerospace can offer injection and compression molded solutions, plastic decorating, and value-added sub-assemblies to more customers.

A great example of a successful Elite Plastics product in the Aerospace industry is the power outlet sub-assembly that we produce for Astronics. Elite Plastics has been producing this part for a number of years. We make two versions of the sub assembly, each with a different cable, but for the most part the same design. The sub assembly features six parts that are molded at Elite Plastics, including the front bezel, which comes in various colors. The rest of the sub-assembly’s electrical hardware is purchased separately.

This part has been very successful for both Elite Plastics and Astronics. Thanks to our injection molding capabilities we are able to offer a quick lead time. Elite Plastics stocks all molded and a number of finished assemblies. As orders come in all that has to be done before parts ship is adding the specified color bezel and testing.

Utilizing Elite Plastics injection molding and value added assembly capabilities streamlines the production process and reduces the lead time. With Elite Plastics AS9100C we are excited to work on more injection molded parts for the aerospace industry.