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Dan Thurmond
By Dan Thurmond
Monday, March 24, 2014 - 13:29

On our GMN blog, we recently posted a blog discussing vendor consolidation and the value-add benefits GMN can provide to its customers. Elite Plastics plays a key role in the organization’s value-add capabilities. GMN provides specialty printing and fabrication services as well as design, engineering, and assembly services. Dependent upon on the customer’s needs, pairing those capabilities with the complementary capabilities of Elite Plastics results in a seamless production process. 

At Elite Plastics, molding is one of our core capabilities, both through compression and injection molding. We offer additional value in all of our plastic and elastomer decoration options; including screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, spray painting, laser etching, over-molding and insert molding. Other capabilities include plastic machining and value-added assemblies.

Elite Plastics value-added assembly capabilities bring it all together to form one cohesive part. The ability to provide some of the most diverse services and capabilities in the industry puts Elite Plastics in a unique position to help manufacturers reduce their supply base.

Through the years we consistently look for complimentary processes to further expand how we can add value and better serve our customers. To learn more about all of the capabilities Elite Plastics can provide, please visit our website.