Dan Thurmond
By Dan Thurmond
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 - 14:31


Elite Plastics has multiple processes to customize plastic parts with inserts, which was discussed in one of our previous blogs, Plastic Housing Insert Options at Elite Plastics.  Insert molding is one of these processes and can allow for additional cost savings.

Rather than using multiple steps to assemble a part, insert molding can be used to bond two parts together in one step.  Insert molding is a form of injection molding in which an insert piece is placed in a molding cavity and plastic is formed around the insert. There are many types of inserts that can be used for this process, usually serving as functional connectors, which range from various fasteners, pins to electronic components and flexible circuits, and other plastic molded components such as lenses.

Insert molding allows for a variety of efficiencies that ultimately benefit the customer.  Not only does insert molding reduce costs by reducing labor and part prices, it also provides additional product reliability. The insert placement accuracy is higher than alternative methods.  The strength of the part as a whole is improved due to the fact that it is formed as one seamless piece.  Another notable benefit that comes from the elimination of separate connectors is a part that is reduced in weight and size.  In addition, insert molding allows for increased design flexibility, offering a multitude of customizable configurations.

Insert molding can be an efficient alternative to assembling multiple components with processes such as soldering and adhesives.  This process allows for a higher quality product at a lower cost – the ultimate goal of any project. 

Chris Passanante
By Chris Passanante
Thursday, June 26, 2014 - 00:00

One of the many advantages of working with Elite Plastics is our decorating capabilities. Paired with our injection and compression molding capabilities, customers have the ability to customize nearly every aspect of their parts when working with Elite Plastics.

Elite Plastics’ plastic decorating capabilities aren’t limited to simply paint and printed decoration. Below is an overview of all our plastic decorating capabilities.

Screen Printing – One of our most versatile decorating capabilities. In this process, ink is pushed through a fine mesh onto the substrate. We can screen print on various substrates with ink systems and textures to meet whatever the needs of your product.

Pad Printing – A commonly used process for decorating plastic parts, pad printing is a form of offset printing. The process utilizes a plate engraved with the artwork. The plate is coated with ink, which is then squeegeed with the wet ink left on the engraved pattern and a silicone pad is pressed onto the plate, with the inked image. The silicone pad then “stamps” the image onto the substrate. This process make is possible to decorate irregular or cylindrical surfaces, as the pad is pliable.

Hot Stamping – This process is significantly different than screen or pad printing decoration. However, unlike screen or pad printing, the process doesn’t use ink but transfers color pigment or metallic material from a continuous film carrier sheet, using heat and pressure. The process is free from the manufacturing limitations of utilizing wet ink.

Spray Printing – For plastic decoration this process is just what it sounds like. At Elite Plastics, we are equipped with a state-of-the-art, six axis automated spray painting robot, tunnel conveyor and oven drying system. Our equipment makes it possible to spray and cure parts at once – one of the fastest and most accurate decorating methods.

Laser Etching – Often paired with spray printing, laser etching is used to mark various materials that are otherwise difficult to decorate. When used with spray printing it can etch graphics on plastic or elastomer key pads.

Overmolding – We recently posted on the overmolding process, its benefits and uses. Typically, overmolding is achieved by molding rubberized plastic over injection molded plastic parts or metals. The overmolding process is used to create softer and sometimes more ergonomic texture to the product.

Insert Mold Decorating – Also a recent blog post, insert mold decorating is a great plastic decorating part, when graphics require durability. In the insert molding process usually a clear plastic film is printed with the graphics. The film is then placed into a tool fixture and plastic is shoot behind the part, protecting the printed side of the material. This process can be combined with various other products, but allows for significant durability, while also reducing costs and the need for secondary decoration.

One of the main advantages to working with Elite Plastics is our ability to customize and add value, beyond molding. To learn more about our plastic decorating options visit our website.

By Dan Thurmond
Friday, June 20, 2014 - 17:14

If you’re familiar with our GMN blog you have probably read about our GMN Heroes Blogs. In celebration of GM Nameplate’s 60th Anniversary, GMN Heroes are highlighted on the blog throughout the year. As our Chairman of the Board, Don Root said in his 60th Anniversary message “our employees embody the dedication, spirit and ingenuity that make GM Nameplate great.”

Recently, three members of the Elite Plastics team were highlighted on the blog as GMN Heroes – Dave Butcher, Thushara Weligodapola, and Elizabeth DeBravo. Dave, Thushara and Elizabeth have been with the Elite Plastics division of GMN for many years and they’re work and dedication is invaluable. 

Read about Dave Butcher

Read about Thushara Weligodapola.

Read about Elizabeth DeBravo.

By Chris Passanante
Monday, May 12, 2014 - 15:06

Elite Plastics will be exhibiting at the East Coast Medical Design and Manufacturing Tradeshow (MD&M East) next month with the GM Nameplate team. The show takes places June 10th to June 12th at the Javit’s Convention Center in New York City. Visit Elite Plastics and GM Nameplate in booth #2050.

The show is a great opportunity to meet with our staff of plastic and manufacturing experts. We’ll have samples that showcase a variety of our plastic capabilities for the medical industry, as well as samples of brand identity and electronic products. In addition, at the show you’ll have the chance to learn about our latest projects and new manufacturing techniques and trends.

If you would like to meet face-to-face with a member of the GM Nameplate or Elite Plastics team at the show, please email Steve Baker at steveb@gmnameplate.com. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

By Dan Thurmond
Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 19:42

This year the GM Nameplate/Elite Plastics team will be exhibiting at the Society of Information Display’s Display Week 2014 from June 3 - 5 in San Diego, California. If you are attending the show, you can visit the GM Nameplate team in booth 1921. Our front panel integration expert, Jim Badders, will also be giving a presentation on display characterization factors at the exhibitors' forum on Wednesday, June 4, at 2:45 PM.

Elite Plastics, a division of GM Nameplate, manufactures key components to front panel display assemblies – including injection molded plastics, shielding, and over molding. We manufacture the plastic housings used in the front panel display assembly we produce for John Deere.

If you will be attending the show be sure to visit GM Nameplate in booth 1921 and meet with our staff of front panel integration experts!

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