Insert Mold Decorating

Revolutionary. What once required a separate label, hot stamping, pad printing or screen printing can now be insert in-mold decorated. In-mold decorating (IMD) offers previously unmatched durability, amazing design flexibility and allows complex 3-dimensional parts to be decorated with unprecedented ease. IMD can be put to use just about anywhere. And as a vertically integrated, custom manufacturer, GM Nameplate offers in-house design solutions, engineering support and mold-making services in addition to insert forming, printing and injection molding capabilities.

Facts Advantages Challenges
Rib thickness:

Wall thickness: 0.060" minimum and 0.200" maximum, depending on design

Sidewall depth of graphic insert: 50% of top width or 1" if formed on Niebling

Radii: 1mm minimum unless otherwise noted. Depends on part design.
Allows for decorating and registration of compound curved surfaces

Aesthetically more appealing since graphics become one with the
piece rather than a separate feature

Durability and resistance to chemicals and abrasion is improved
because graphics are protected beneath the plastic resin

Simplifies the production process by eliminating the secondary
decorating option

Cost reduction is possible as a result of the elimination of the
secondary decorating option

Variety of graphics and textures available

Variety of lighting options including backlit, LEDs and light

Small windows may be incorporated in the design

May be cost prohibitive
in low quantities