Plastic Injection Molding

Applications for plastics today are endless—as are the number of injection molders. So what makes Elite Plastics different? Dedicated engineers to assist you from concept generation through production to help create high quality components produced at an affordable price. Complementary capabilities like spray painting and laser etching. Value-added possibilities such as membrane switches or elastomer keypads to build a complete user interface under one roof. Elite Plastics is more than just a molder.

Facts Advantages Challenges
All printable thermoplastic and thermoset resins can be used

Machine tonnage from 50 to 600 tons
Flexible design options including curves, textures, etc.

May provide cost advantages depending on volume

Superior resistance to outdoor elements

Well-defined edges and shapes

Tolerances as tight as .005"

Wide variety of decorating options

Long tool life exceeding millions of parts
Up front tooling costs are high

Typically only logical for annual quantities greater than 5,000 for simple parts and 50,000 for more complex designs

Modifying tools for design changes can be expensive